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From Faculty & Staff 

“Sheri, you are one of the most gracious and humble teachers I have had! I could see your warmth and kindness from the first moment I met you. Thank you for the work you are doing. You taught explicitly, did not shy away from hard questions, and checked for comprehension. Thank you!” 

"Her content knowledge was incredible. She is also an amazing presenter. She was clear, engaging, and really knew how to connect with the group." 


“Her explanation of concepts was clear and thought-provoking. Her awareness of her positionality was central to every interaction and the appreciation she showed throughout brought such positive energy” 

“Sheri was clear, patient, and honest. It was very helpful to hear from her about her experiences on this journey.” 


“Her explanations of difficult topics with ease and laughter were fantastic.”

From College Students

“She taught us to honor the dignity and sacredness of each individual, she taught us about systems of oppression but she also gave us a charge to go out and make a difference in our communities and the places we have influence.” 

"Sheri is probably the best professor I have encountered. She has a grace with her teaching that draws us to the material." 

"I have recommended this class to everyone I know. It's the best class I have taken at the University. What we learned in this class has changed the way I view the world, and has even affected my behaviors." 


“I loved this course because I think it gave everyone a unique experience of being able to speak freely, intellectually, and to learn from others who are different from us.”

"Sheri was very passionate about what she was doing so you couldn't help but want to do well." 

From High School Students 

"I love how Sheri approaches each topic. She does an amazing job of laying the foundational knowledge and then each topic builds upon that foundation" 


"It was clear that Sheri was very passionate about what she was teaching but it felt like she didn't force any views on us. It was great to learn about controversial topics in a comfortable environment." 


"We learned about a lot of serious topics, however she always made them easy to talk about." 


"I like how passionate she is, making me even more excited about this class." 

"The concepts and values you taught me are priceless and things I will carry with me forever." 


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